The Chubbies Club

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Being overweight can have a serious affect on your pet's health. As well as the extra wear and tear on joints which can cause arthritis, overweight pets can suffer from kidney, liver and respiratory problems. But help is at hand - our friendly team can advise you about the healthiest weight for your pet to be. We will help you find the best food for your pet, as well as talking you through portion control, which snacks to cut out and how to reach a sensible and achievable exercise goal.  You can also bring your pet in to see us at Mulberry Lane Vet Hospital for free regular weight checks!

Check out the story of one of our slimmers! 

Slimmer of the Month


Since joining Chubbies Club Tess has lost an amazing 4.3 kilos! Tess and her owner Dawn come to the clinic every Friday at 1pm to join other dogs in the ten week Chubby Club program that is both fun and educational. Tess has made some very good doggy friends and looks forward to her social visit every Friday. Each week she weighs in and then heads to the park to run, jump, play and participate in various activities with the other members. Her devoted owner Dawn also walks her twice a day and has changed her diet to assist with her weight loss. Keep up the great work Tess!