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Don't we all like to have delightful dogs, courteous cats and beautifully behaved birds?


There are always so many questions about animal behaviour such as "Why does my dog bark?", "Why won't my cat use the litter tray?" and "How should I introduce my children to the new puppy?". To answer these questions and many more we have put together some helpful links to the Australian Veterinary Association website and other interesting videos and advice from specialists on animal behaviour and coping with fears and phobias.

Our Practice Manager Jenna has spent years studying behaviour and training through the Delta Society , and she is one of the first vet nurses in the Central West to cpmplete this course allowing her to conduct behavioural consults and assist in developing our Puppy training classes further.

Real Cases:

Jenna and one of our clients, young Brenton,  have been training their bunnies who are very smart little animals! Jenna's rabbit Pumpkin is house trained and uses the kitty litter whenever she is inside while Brenton's rabbit Yasmin has been taught to return to her hutch at 4pm every day. To do this Brenton and Jenna have used patience, persistance and rewards! Pumpkin loves Oxbow Timothy Treats which we sell here in the Hospital and Yasmin enjoys a grape.

We run Puppy Training classes here at Mulberry Lane. 

Puppy Classes - enjoy a four week fun-filled training course for you and your new puppy! Essential if you want your pup to be well socialised.   

All Your Dog, Cat and Bird Behaviour Questions Answered - resources and questionnaires provided by the Australian Veterinary Association on animal behaviour.

Firework Fear - a video discussing firework fears conducted by Marc Abraham

Animal Behaviour Videos - a variety of videos addressing cat behaviour