Responsible pet ownership

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Responsible pet ownership starts from when you have your first puppy, kitten, bird, pocket pet or reptile. Your pet is a beloved member of the family, so it is important to treat him or her to the best care. Vets and veterinary nurses are there to advise you regarding care of your new pet, just ring up for advice or make an appointment with your vet.

Even before choosing your pet, it is a good idea to speak to a professional for advice regarding the best pet for your needs. It is important to ensure your pet is provided with a happy, safe, environment but also that other people in your community are kept safe. The basic needs of your pet, no matter what species, are a comfortable, safe place to live, with fresh water and the right food given daily. It is important for your yard to be adequately fenced to keep your dog safe from cars, to prevent him or her getting lost and also to prevent injury to others. Provide plenty of toys for your pet to play with, particularly for when he or she is left alone.

Your new pup or kitten will need a collar, with a name tag. Your pup will also need a lead and to go to puppy preschool to be trained. We run a puppy preschool with Deb Coleman, a renowned Delta trained dog behavioural expert. Your dog can then go on to further training as he or she grows. An obedient and confident pet will bring great joy to the family. Use treats such as liver treats as rewards so training is fun.

On your first visit to the vet with your new puppy or kitten the vet will ensure he or she is microchipped. A microchip administered under the skin contains a number, which can be read by a microchip reader. Once your pup or kitten is registered, you can be traced as the owner if your pet goes missing. This is very important and is required by law.

Your pup and kitten need to be wormed regularly from when he or she is 2 weeks old. This is important, to ensure you and your pet remain healthy. Your pup and kitten will need his or her first vaccination at 6 weeks of age. There are many infectious diseases such as Parvovirus in dogs which are preventable by vaccinating your pet.

From 6 months of age your pet can be desexed. It not only ensures unwanted pups or kittens but there are also health benefits which your vet can discuss with you. It is vital to desex female ferrets and rabbits if they aren't going to be bred.

Please ring Mulberry Lane Veterinary Clinic regarding any queries about your new pet.

Judith Carney and her team of veterinary nurses are at the end of the phone to talk or make an appointment. Alternatively, you can email us your query via the Contact us page.