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Mulberry Lane Vet Hospital
294 Lords Place
NSW 2800

02 6360 3071

Here are some weighty questions for you to answer about your dog:

1. Do you have difficulty feeling your dogs ribs? YES/NO

2. Is there little or no waistline? YES/NO

3. Do you give your dog table scraps or leftovers? YES/NO

4. Do you regularly exercise your dog? YES/NO

5. Does your dog get tired quickly with activity? YES/NO

6. Does your dog keep eating so long as there is food in their bowl?


8. Have you been told your dog is over weight? YES/NO 

Things that will help your pet lose weight: 

Exercise - This is not only good for you pet but it's good for you. Daily walks are a great way to help start your dog goal for weight loss. Keeping in mind to starting of small then gradually working your way up to increasing time and distance will be beneficial as your dog will start loosing the weight and become more active.

Snacks/Treats- Giving snacks and treats to a dog everyone is guilty for doing you can still feed snacks and treats but you just need to know how much to give and what to feed. Carrots, celery, vegetables and ice-cubes in summer time are great little snack ideas. Royal Canin specially make diets to help reduce weight making them high in protein, low in fat, helps in joint support, added fatty acids and helps for a shiny coat and its well balanced in nutrients giving your dog more energy. If you are going to feed your dogs their normal diet look on the back for the chart and it should tell you how much and how often to feed. Doing all these things will make for a fitter and healthier dog.

We have started a Chubbies Club. The club will run for 10 weeks each Friday from 1-1:30pm and the club is FREE! If you would like to find out more go to our Chubbies club page and if you would like your dog to come and join the team call us on 63603071.