Cat and Kitten

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Mulberry Lane Vet Hospital
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1. VACCINATION: Vaccinate your kitten at 6-8, 12-14 and 16-18 weeks of age for Feline Enteritis & Cat Flu. Feline Leukaemia Virus & Feline AIDs vaccination are also available, and recommended especially for outdoors cats. Keep your cat isolated for 2 weeks after vaccination. An annual booster is necessary to give full protection.


2. WORMING: "REVOLUTION" is a monthly spot on wormer that treats intestinal worms and heartworm. "Drontal", "Milbemax" or "Felex plus paste" are oral treatments that should be used every 3 months. "PROFENDER" is an easy to use 3 monthly liquid spot- on.


3. FLEAS & TICKS: "REVOLUTION" is as spot on treatment that kills fleas and will worm cats as well. "ADVANTAGE" and "ADVOCATE" are effective topical treatments that kill adult fleas and are easy to apply. "PROBAN" given every 2nd day in the tick season (July-Jan) will aid in tick prevention. "FRONTLINE" will also aid in the prevention of ticks.


4. DIET: Commercial cat food provides a balanced diet for your cat.  A daily raw chicken wing aids in maintaining dental health. Hills T/D dry food also helps to keep your cat's teeth clean.


5. DESEXING: Many health and behavioural problems are prevented by early desexing of male & female cats. This is best done at 6 months


6. MICROCHIPPING is now a requirement of state law for new kittens. Existing cats must either wear a collar & tag or be microchipped.


7. Certain substances can be toxic to cats. Avoid lillies and human medications such as Panadol, Ibuprofen & Aspirin. Never use dog flea products on your cat eg. Advantix, they are toxic to cats