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Google Maps location for Mulberry Lane Vet Hospital

Mulberry Lane Vet Hospital
294 Lords Place
NSW 2800

02 6360 3071

13 4 5 6 712

New arrival

tiny baby jake

Our Practice Manager Jenna and her husband Daniel opened their best Christmas present a few days early! Baby Jake arrived a few days before Christmas, weighing in at  6lbs 2oz.  Jenna and Jake are doing well and there will be photos to follow. Congratulations and lots of love from all the team to Jenna and Daniel! 

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we have phones!

Today's good news - the telephones are working again. Thank you everyone for your patience - the landline can be used as normal. 6360 3071.  

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No phones!

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have a broken phone network today Friday 1st. To speak to Mulberry Lane reception, please ring us on 0428 879 112 

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Banjo Business awards

judith with girls certificates

We are so excited to be finalists in the 2017 Banjo Business awards. Congratulations to all the team for the nomination of Mulberry Lane Vet Hospital for "Excellence in Professional or Health services".  Jenna , our practice manager, has been nominated for "Excellence in  Customer Service" , and a big congrats to Rhi, for her nomination in "Best New Employee". The winners will be announced at a special awards night in February 2018. 

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How can you help?

scared dog 2

Is your pet scared of storms? You can help! While some pets sleep through storms, many get very upset and that not at all surprising when you think how sensitive their ears are compared to ours. They can hear the storm long before a human ear can, and they are more sensitive to changes in humidity and the electrical activity in the air. Most pets would like to be indoors with you during a storm, but make sure gates are locked and fences secure outside as even the more relaxed pet can panic and run. Give your cat or dog a cosy place to hide. Put their bed in an enclosed area, or even under a table with a towel over it so that they feel secure. Playing music or having the TV up loud can help to drown out the noise, and providing a tasty distraction like a bone can keep their attention away from what's going on outside!

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