Pet Dental Month

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Mulberry Lane Vet Hospital
294 Lords Place
NSW 2800

02 6360 3071

August is pet dental month in the animal world which is why Mulberry Lane is offering FREE Dental Checks for all cats and dogs!

All you have to do is phone the clinic on (02) 63603071 to make an appointment for your pet and they will receive a full dental health check by one of our veterinarians. If your pet requires dental treatment you will also receive e huge $50 OFF all scale and polish treatments.

ALL pets will also go home with a free bag of goodies to help keep their teeth clean!

Oral health care is so important and it often gets overlooked by owners. Dental disease is caused by food particles and bacteria that build up around the teeth. This causes irritation of the gum and leads to an inflammatory condition called gingivitis. Eventually the tooth can become rotten and if not removed and treated it can affect your pet's entire health. Dental disease has been linked to other health problems including kidney disease and heart disease so it is vital to get on top of it now!

Signs to look out for:

- Bad breath

- Drooling or dropping food from mouth

- Bleeding from the mouth or gums

- Loss of appetite, weight loss

- Reluctance to let you touch their mouth

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