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There was a saying, 600yrs ago, that “Manners Maketh Man” (and they probably still do!). But what about the good manners of our companion animals?. Many of us live our lives in close quarters with cats or dogs, who share our yards, our homes and sometimes even our beds . Yet many of us feel helpless when our pets don’t behave quite as we would like them to. March is Polite Pets month at Mulberry Lane Vet Clinic and a time when we can talk to you about why your animals behave, or sometimes misbehave, as they do.

Dogs jumping up, barking or digging. Cats urinating on the carpet or scratching the furniture – all these are undesirable pet behaviours that are frequently mentioned by frustrated owners. However, many of these are normal animal behaviour just being displayed at the wrong time or in the wrong place. It is a sad fact of life that thousands of animals are surrendered to local council pounds, or to the RSPCA , every year in Australia, because they behave badly. Pets obviously can’t tell us directly what they are thinking, but often in their behaviour a pet is communicating that they are bored, excited, happy, stressed or just plain frightened. A wee on the floor can mean that they are scared. Nonstop barking can be a sign of distress, anxiety or boredom. Jumping up can be a sign of playtime enthusiasm or attention seeking. Whining can show an anxious youngster unsure of their place in the family. Working out what pets are communicating takes experience and training. At Mulberry Lane we are fortunate to have staff experienced in pet behaviour, and one team member , Jenna , who has studied for years to learn why our pets behave the way they do, so that she can help you train your pet and assist with behavioural problems.

Jenna, our practice manager, has recently completed her Cert 4 in Companion Animal services delivered by the Delta Society of Australia. This is a nationally recognised course and makes Jenna one of the few Delta trainers in the Central West.

The Delta Society is the national leader in animal assisted therapies and offers a positive, reward-based approach to companion animal training. Jenna has really enjoyed learning about the latest methods of positive dog training, and learning from the best Delta trainers, including local dog expert Deb Coleman. She has developed an up to date program for the Mulberry Lane Vet Clinic puppy training, and she and her colleague Annika regularly run classes. Jenna is available for private behavioural consults at Mulberry Lane Vet Clinic for your dog or cat.

It can be helpful to talk to our experienced vet nurses before your new pet arrives, so that the whole family is prepared and you can give your new addition the best start in life. Early health assessments, vaccinations and checkups are essential, and so are classes where puppies are taught the basics of good doggy manners. Having new experiences in a gentle and controlled environment can help prevent unwanted dog behaviour later in life , so puppy training classes are an essential part of the fun as your family and your new puppy learn to trust and understand each other.

Don’t forget that advice about microchipping, desexing, vaccinations, toilet training and animal behaviour is always available from the team at Mulberry Lane. The Clinic is also well stocked with pet supplies and high quality premium pet foods to give your new pet the best start in life.

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