Scary storms

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Is your pet scared of storms? You can help! While some pets sleep through storms, many get very upset and that not at all surprising when you think how sensitive their ears are compared to ours. They can hear the storm long before a human ear can, and they are more sensitive to changes in humidity and the electrical activity in the air. Most pets would like to be indoors with you during a storm, but make sure gates are locked and fences secure outside as even the more relaxed pet can panic and run. Give your cat or dog a cosy place to hide. Put their bed in an enclosed area, or even under a table with a towel over it so that they feel secure. Playing music or having the TV up loud can help to drown out the noise, and providing a tasty distraction like a bone can keep their attention away from what's going on outside!

If your pet can't come indoors, then make sure they have are in a secure enclosed area with somewhere to hide if they need it. Adaptil calming spray for dogs works well to keep pets relaxed. This can be applied to a dog's bedding or to a bandana around their neck, and is also available in a collar or a room diffuser. Feliway does the same for cats who are anxious - ask one of our friendly staff for information. 

Finally, the best treatment for your pet's storm fears is reassurance and contact with you! You can't spoil a pet in this situation - they just want to know that you are there, and that the scary situation won't hurt them. You can't "reinforce" the fear and make it worse - just give them patience, reassurance and kind words until the storm has passed. If you have any concerns about your pet's behaviour, just come and see one of our friendly staff who will be able to provide individual advice. 


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