Hot Dogs!

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Mulberry Lane Vet Hospital
294 Lords Place
NSW 2800

02 6360 3071
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Weather forecast for Tuesday 10th December - HOT! 

Your pets are going to need some extra help on Tuesday when the temperature is due to soar. If dogs are home alone and outside, please ensure they have shade and at least 2 sources of water (in case one accidentally gets knocked over). A few ice cubes in their water bowl will be appreciated. You can try freezing a tub of water with some dog snacks in - your dog will enjoy licking out the snacks from the iceblock, as the ice melts! Please don't walk your dog in the heat of the day - the pavements can still be too warm even into the evenings, so early morning is best for walkies. Dogs on the back of a ute can be particularly at risk from the heat. Check the temperature of the tray before asking your dog to hop up, and never leave a dog standing on a metal tray - they need a rubber mat or some protection for their paws as well as shade. 

Small pets like rabbits and guinea pigs are very prone to overheating - best to bring them indoors to a cooler place. If that's not possible, then try draping wet towels over their cage and pop an iceblock in their run, which should never be in direct sunlight.

If you're concerned about any of your pets, then ring the Hospital on 6360 3071.   

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