Dr Judith's statement on Leptospirosis.

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Leptospirosis is now in NSW. This nasty bacterial disease is spread by rats and even with veterinary help, dogs in Sydney have died during the outbreak. Please read on to find out the facts. 

Leptospirosis is a serious bacterial infection which affects domestic and wild animals, and even humans. It is caused by a bacteria - rats are the most common carrier of the disease. You or your pet can catch Leptospirosis if you are bitten by a carrier, or if you come in to contact with infected soil or water, The bacteria can also be swallowed or can enter your pet via a cut in his or her skin. The Leptospirosis cases reported in Sydney are mainly in the Surrey Hills/Glebe areas and including Centennial Park. But dogs that do not travel to Sydney are still at risk, as now the disease has travelled to NSW, it will spread - rats can get everywhere!  The strain of Leptospira is serovar Copenhageni. Dr Judith recommends that your dog is vaccinated with ProtechC2i, which protects against Leptospira Copenhageni by 2 vaccinations, one month apart and then an annual booster.

All puppies will be offered the Leptospirosis vaccination at Mulberry Lane Vet Hospital as part of their usual puppy protection plan. You can speak to one of our team if you have any questions about Leptospirosis or about your pets' vaccinations. We are here to help. Take advantage of our October special offers on Leptospirosis vaccinations, to make sure your dog is protected now. 

Vaccinations...Protection for your pet...peace of mind for you! 

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