Beat the Heat

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The heat this weekend will be severe - please watch out for all animals, and make sure they have access to shade and plenty of water. Remember, cats and dogs can't sweat to keep cool like humans can, and only have the skin on their paw pads to sweat through. That's not much when you are wearing fur or running around!  Make sure your pets don't overheat by keeping them inside or in a shady area. Provide plenty of water and a fan or airconditioning if possible. Some dogs love to sit in a small paddling pool, or to have icecubes in their water bowls. Frozen treats can be fun - chicken stock (no salt!) makes great icecubes for them to lick, or put a favourite snack frozen into an iceblock which they can then lick out. Give walks a miss in very hot weather, or go out at dawn. In the evenings or after dark, the pavements can still be too hot for a dog's paws. Its not safe for dogs to ride on the back of utes in extreme heat as even with a rubber mat to stand on, the tray can still get dangerously hot and dogs need shade. 

Watch pets for signs of heatstroke. A dog suffering from heatstroke will show some or all of the following signs - very rapid panting, bright red tongue, weakness, dizziness, thick sticky saliva, vomiting or collapse. If you see these signs, get your dog into a cooler environment immediately, wet them with cool water (not freezing cold) and wet towels and a fan, and contact us. Short nosed breeds like French bulldogs, Pugs and Bulldogs are especially vulnerable to heatstroke so need to be kept cool and calm on very hot days. A cat with heatstroke will also show very rapid pulse and panting, and sometimes vomiting and staggering. They can be helped to cool down in the same way as dogs and must get veterinary care. Heatstroke can be fatal, so if you are concerned, phone us on 6360 3071 for advice and care. 

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