Bronco's shiny smile!

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Have you ever wondered what a scale and polish on a dog actually looks like? Bronco is a very special friend of Mulberry Lane - he is a guide dog for Matt, and comes to see us for his check ups. In order to keep Bronco in tip top health, he recently had a dental procedure to check and clean all his teeth. After an anaesthetic to keep Bronco nice and still, each tooth was carefully assessed and then cleaned. If Judith had found any evidence of dental disease, the teeth and roots could have been checked with our state of the art digital Xray machine. A special torch is then used to check all the plaque has been removed. Regular dental checks are essential for all cats and dogs, as dental disease can be painful and cause harm to your pets health. This photo shows the UV light being used to check that each of Broncos teeth is free of plaque. 

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