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Mulberry Lane Vet Hospital
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Is your pet polite?


There was a saying, 600yrs ago, that “Manners Maketh Man” (and they probably still do!). But what about the good manners of our companion animals?. Many of us live our lives in close quarters with cats or dogs, who share our yards, our homes and sometimes even our beds . Yet many of us feel helpless when our pets don’t behave quite as we would like them to. March is Polite Pets month at Mulberry Lane Vet Clinic and a time when we can talk to you about why your animals behave, or sometimes misbehave, as they do.

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Snake Bite


Do I really need help?


A message from the Central West WIRES Branch:

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walk logo

This year, Judith has decided to walk in The Weekend to End Women's Cancers, a 2-day, 60km walk that raises funds for research and treatment for women's cancers. All proceeds from the event go to Chris O'Brien Lifehouse.

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Pet Dental Month

Cat Dental2

August is pet dental month in the animal world which is why Mulberry Lane is offering FREE Dental Checks for all cats and dogs!

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